What is your "WHY"

What is your “WHY”

Think about YOUR vision of raising YOUR children. Journal how that looks and feels for you. Be as descriptive as you possibly can. There is power in visualization.


It's easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. ~Frederick Douglass~

The Clarke’s “WHY”

When my son entered kindergarten he was behind the other children in his class. The teacher

recommended having him tested. My husband and I prayed about the situation and consulted a number of

other people in making our decision. Specifically, Tamara Bogan shared some enlightening information about testing: she laid out the positive and negative aspects of it. Based on her recommendations along with prayer and other input we did not

immediately move to have our son tested, but opted to wait and allow his growth and development to

naturally continue. My family and I are forever grateful to Tamara for her willingness to listen and so readily share what she

knew. This was prior to her becoming the owner of Seat of Resilience, but she has always had this gifting

and we are overwhelmingly thankful for her. Today our son is s in the 11th grade and is a well ABOVE average student and is doing extremely well academically and other areas.

Sincerely, The Clarkes

My “WHY” was Consistently Hearing Statements


Your children are amazing!

I wish my kids were more like yours!

You are so calm with them.

I wish I could have a relationship like you and your husband do with your kids.

Your kids CAN be calm!

Your kids ARE amazing!

You CAN have an awesome relationship with your kids that evolves into adulthood!